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From a Computer Science Engineer to a Full stack Web Developer, bridged just by the passion to build amazing stuff & the love of code

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New & better technologies swoop in every day, my key is a strong base (Engineering in Computer Science), constant learning and trying small hands on projects to steer effective in the web currents

ReactJS, Redux, Saga & Thunk JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript Java SQL, NoSQL GraphQL NodeJS, ExpressJS CSS, SCSS, BEM HTML5 ElasticSearch (ELK) jQuery SequelizeJS (ORM) Bootstrap Material UI Storybook React Native Eslint, SonarQube Jest, Cypress Photoshop, Illustrator git JIRA, confluence, Trello UNIX, Linux Docker AGILE - Scrum XP, Pair, Mob programming



Bootstraped - doparttime.com, incubated by PayPal and selected by Google Launchpad

Professional Experience

10 Years of building web apps experience including top MNC and a Startup

Out for challenges

Hackathons, competitions, projects, including Particaption in Guiness world record hackathon.

Code with Love

Ever updating, ever learning, stand by code quality and standards

Experience Timeline

Specialist Programmer (Expert Track)

To learn, R&D, implement and transforming business by leveraging latest tech stack, building MVP, architecture for teams using reusable micro UI, microservices and train them to scale up.

Senior Full Stack Developer

To enable the team develop web-applications and API using ReactJS, NodeJS used by engineers for planning of manufacturing parts of a car.

Full Stack Developer

Search tool customization for faster text search for Pearson Education based on ElasticSearch, Cassandra and Logstash.

Web developer/UI Designer

Developed Java web services and designed web pages/logos, for tablet applications used by Walmart employees.


Created DoPartTime.com (a PayPal incubated startup), a job portal and android app for part time jobs in India.

Java Developer

Developing payment management web portal for Citi group Employees, to manage transactions and approve them, using customized J2EE framework.


from Karunya University, as Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science.

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I'm always with an appetite for interesting and challenging tasks, to contribute, help, share and grow.